Unexpected Companionship

Coordination, timing and attention to detail are already highly important when it comes to the transportation of patients in critical conditions, however, taking into consideration the limited timeframe, and the cost of such organizations, they become even more crucial when air ambulance transfers are involved.

Antlink Team was recently trusted to handle a special case where two patients in two different hospitals had to be delivered to the same air ambulance simultaneously. The patients were in serious conditions, requiring constant doctor monitoring, which made the cases even more delicate. As usual, Antlink operators delivered clear and through briefings to all involved parties, and carefully monitored the entire process from its start till its conclusion. In the end, two completely unrelated people, whose only common point was choosing Turkiye as their holiday destination, were brought together as companions for the most unexpected trip back home.

Although such cases are objectively very sensitive, and requires more than average professionalism, Antlink Team, with its accumulated experience, no longer considers them a challenge, and is able to handle them in the most confident manner.