Nordic Consular Seminar 2024

The cases of death are perhaps the most delicate part of the consular services of a foreign mission. As the first point of contact for those who lose a loved one while abroad, will always be the representatives of their home country serving in the place of occurrence.

For the handling of such delicate cases, a smooth cooperation and timely communication between the funeral directors and the consulates is highly important. Antlink, with its experience in the funeral repatriation field spanning to long years, has proven its expertise and reliability to the foreign missions in Türkiye many times. As a result of this healthy collaboration, we once more had the honor of being invited to the Nordic Consular Seminar that took place on 26.04.2024 in Antalya.

Antlink’s senior repatriation specialist Mrs. Jenny Özçelik was kindly asked to do a presentation to the attending consular personnel, explaining in detail the entire process of repatriation, the hardships faced, the responsibilities of the funeral directors and the consulates.

The Antlink team and its leadership feels truly rewarded for such honors that prove our professionalism is valued, and we are determined to keep the same quality of work indefinitely.