Challenge Accepted!

Medical Repatriations are particularly sensitive cases that require utmost attention, a constant observation and control over the details from the start till the end, making them sophisticated cases that require highly attentive minds and willingness to take on challenges.

What makes the Medical Repatriation particularly sensitive is the fact that they involve distressed patients at the brink of mental breakdowns, and that they are a composition of different services, rather than a single service that follows a linear pattern. Obstacles may appear in during any step in that long chain of services.

ANTlink Team has managed to smoothly complete yet another such case. An elderly patient with broken bones was in need of urgent help in South East Asia. International and domestic service providers were rapidly organized, the most suitable flight was reserved simultaneously by the ANTlink’s Travel Agents. Patient was picked up by a medical team the next day, and with constant professional support during the process, was delivered to the hospital of her desire the next morning in her home town in Türkiye.

Medical Repatriations are challenging to carry out, and ANTlink Team loves challenges.