Every nation has figures in their history, whose memory are immortalized as a result of their actions and ideals that have impacted the future of their nations. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stands unique among them, what he did for this country cannot be described as an improvement and a mere reform, he uprooted the decayed roots, and laid a new foundation on these lands, he became the symbol of hope for a fledgling country on the way to greatness again.

The sun shone bright and hopefulness for the future was in the air, however on 10 December 1938, a catastrophe had made us remember that nothing good lasts forever, we have lost our dear founder, our symbol of hope. Although he is gone, his memory persists. On the 85th anniversary of his passing, we renew our voves, as long as we draw breath, Atatürk’s Türkiye will stand strong, and his ideals will live on!