Mission Accomplished

There are points in everyone’s life where the most unexpected happens, and where everything seemingly goes wrong, leading to a feeling of utmost misery and abandonment. Mr. D, a lone Turkish truck driver felt the same when he was severely injured on his legs in the middle France. He couldn’t walk, he couldn’t even sit for more than 5 minutes. For days he has desperately waited for someone to intervene and take him back to his home, just as when he was about to be lost in his doubts, ANTlink has come in, arranging a quick, A to Z transfer. Through an unbroken chain of organizations extending from France to Turkiye, which included ambulance transfers in both countries, and a flight arrangement that was carefully made in consideration of the condition and the requests of the patient , he was taken from the French hospital he was staying at in an afternoon, and was successfully delivered to his home address in Istanbul at night, within merely a couple of hours.

When someone is left without any option, and is in dire need of external intervention, that is when they realize the importance of professionalism of those who are tasked to help. ANTlink always provides that proffessionalism.