Uni-Global Event was in Vienna.

From 25+ Countries, 70+ International Experts and Professionals met in Vienna @Uni-Global Travel Insurance Forum. Antlink Team joined discussions, panels and interactive lunch breaks including 1:1 meetings.

  • What has the industry learned from the pandemic?
  • Global Travel Insurance challenges and expectations
  • How parametric travel insurance is changing travel insurance forever?
  • Global Travel & Healthcare Overview
  • Transforming travel insurance from a forgettable add-on to a must-have advantage
  • Is the collaboration Business Model the future of Travel Insurance?
  • Crisis and recovery – post pandemic
  • Everything you need to know about embedded Travel Insurance. How to make it happen in a global environment?
  • Travel Insurance as a Netflix Subscription?
  • Innovation in travel insurance driven by embedded insurance
  • How neo-insurance ecosystem orchestrators can support travel resellers and partners’ to close the insurance protection gap
  • Medical evacuations: a comparison between transport on air ambulance and commercial airlines
  • Good Communication between Insurance Companies and Provider Leeds to Better Medical Results
  • Marketing and Insurance
  • Role in Travel Risk Management in the Travel Insurance Ecosystem